History Of The Herbrand Company

In 1971, at a very early age, Keith Herbrand began his own one man logging operation based on his desire to succeed at something he truly enjoyed doing. His grandfather (pictured on the left in this family photo) was also a logger and past generations of the Herbrand family have been involved in the timber industry.

In 1988, Keith joined some partners and formed a company called Herbrand McGowan Timber Company, which operated solely in Western Washington. He kept the right to continue operating Herbrand Logging as a separate entity, with the right to buy and sell timber for that company. He held exclusive logging rights to all the properties that were acquired by HMTC, and negotiated a favorable logging contract.  HMTC and Herbrand Logging continued to prosper until 1997, when environmental issues and government regulations made it more difficult to operate solely in Western Washington. Keith decided it was time for Herbrand Logging to explore other states, and branched out into Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana. In 1998 the name of Herbrand Logging was changed to The Herbrand Company (A Land Investment Company).

Through the same dedication and careful diligence Keith applied in his early years, the business flourished. Later on The Herbrand Company would add Oregon to its territory.  Keith began diversifying the business in 1998 by purchasing 50 percent ownership in a log yard, and contracting with several large corporations to unload, sort and load logs onto barges. This endeavor has played a viable role in The Herbrand Company’s operations. The log yard has since been sold, but The Herbrand Company continues to access many non-owned log yards to process their timber and obtain some of the most competitive markets in the industry.

The Herbrand Company continues to expand its interests and revenue sources. What began as a one-man logging operation has now developed into a well-rounded land investment company, and is a managing member in several companies within the State of Washington. Keith Herbrand remains actively involved in each and every transaction. Although the company has grown leaps and bounds since its beginning, Keith still operates the entire company on the premise that hard work and a good reputation requires a daily effort to grow and maintain.