Logging Services

We’re more than just your average logging company!

Today’s land and timber markets are complex, and there are many regulations that may make it difficult and confusing. Our staff has the know-how to complete any type of timber, land with timber, or farmland with timber acquisition, while offering you the highest gain.

The Herbrand Company is a full-service logging company. Many logging companies are not in the position to say that. Many of them have only one area of expertise, and leave the rest up to you to figure out. Don’t settle for that! We approach each job as a start-to-finish project, and can provide any and/or all of the following services to you:

  • Forest Practice Application Process
  • Appraisals & Estimates
  • Timber Cruises
  • Contract Completion
  • Maximum value log merchandising
  • Reforestation & land preservation plans
  • Creative offers or trades
  • Cash at closing on most transactions
  • We purchase young (Reproducing) timbered properties

We look forward to working with you… Please contact us today!