Think Green

Forest Lands are the world’s most renewable resources.

Our forest lands are one of the world’s most renewable resources. The Herbrand Company has been in the forestry business for over 35 years. We understand the importance of keeping our forests growing for future generations and maintaining natural habitats for the abundant wildlife species in our area.  Replanting is the most important step in Forest Management today.

The Herbrand Company primarily works with private landowners to harvest valuable timber and replant the property with a young, healthy, renewable resource. When the land is sold with the timber we strive to keep it in the private sector to ensure the continuation of our forests and farmlands.  Let us help you turn your mature timber into CASH NOW and renew your land with freshly planted trees for future generations to come.

The Herbrand Company can do all the hard work for you, including permits, contracts and maximum value log merchandising. We have the experience and know how to handle the job from start to finish. You could use the CASH NOW for a number of financial benefits for you and your family. Retirement, Medical Expenses, College Tuition for your children and Personal Financial Security for you and your loved ones. We also offer 1031 Tax Exchange with income producing properties and Lifetime Estates.

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There is no obligation in discussing your possibilities. Find out the value of your timber and what investment opportunities exist.  The Herbrand Company is available to answer any of your questions.