Thurston County Timber Properties

Miller Charitable Foundation/Herbrand Co & Haley's Terrace, LLC

Thurston County

62.28 acres in 4 parcels located at 7920 Holiday Valley Ct NW,
Olympia, WA 98502.

Haley's Terrace, LLC ownership is north of Hwy 101.  Tax parcel numbers 13934340000-16.10 acres and 13934430000-24.89 acres.  These parcels will not be logged. $135,000.00 for the 16.10 acres and 155,000.00 for the 24.89 acres.

The Herbrand Company ownership is south of Hwy 101.  Tax parcel numbers 13934340100-14.46 acres and 13934430100-6.83 acres. These parcels are permitted to log. They will be logged before sale.  $125,000.00 for the 14.46 acres and $$85,000.00 for the 6.83 acre lot. 

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